Chapter 3 - I Am Not Sure

I am not sure what I love about it here so much. Maybe it is the risk of Malaria, or the trash thrown wherever someone finishes it, or the sweat that beads on my face the minute I walk outside. It could be the way everyone yells “OH-BRO-NEE” at me when I walk by because that means “white person,” and then they laugh because they don’t know if I know. It might be the fact that every time I get in a tro-tro, I cross my fingers I don’t barf because of the potholes or the closeness or the heat, and also that we don't crash. Maybe it is the way I kind of know what is going on, but not really, in any given situation. It could be the ice cold showers, or the roosters crowing at 4am, 

But it is not any of those things.

At the end of the day, I am covered in dirt, and sweat, and happiness.

And that is why.