In 2012 I quit my jobs and moved out of my SF apartment on a whim. I had googled the words "volunteer orphanage africa." I still am not sure of the reason why, but the best way I can explain it to myself is that it is just something I felt. 

My last blog is HERE.

I decided to keep another one because so many things happen, internally and externally, and this forces me to keep track of them. 

I had the most insane and wonderful adventure when I lived here for 3 months in a small village called Ofaakor and volunteered in the orphanage on the compound. The kids I met were incredible, and I told them I would be back. I am ashamed it took me this long to get it together to come back because when I promised my return, one of the teenagers looked at me and said, "All the white ladies say that and we never see them again."

Well, it took a while, but not this white lady. 

I can't wait to see them all. Especially one of them in particular.