In 2012 I ventured to Africa on a whim. I spent 3 months in a small village volunteering in an orphanage and teaching in the school on the compound - and of course - taking photographs. The kids love it and shout, "SNAP ME! SNAP ME!" After 90 days, my skin color had become irrelevant, and I had become a part of a village. One of the teenagers asked me if I would be coming back to see then after I leave and I said, "Of course!" By then I was invested in those kids - in their well being; their futures - and I couldn't imagine not knowing them after I left. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, "All the white ladies say that and we never see them again." To both his and my pleasure, I proved him so wrong. I've been back 3 times, and last time I organized and funded the building of a new bathroom for the small orphans who previously had no facilities at all. When I'm away, I try to do what I can from afar. I just collected funds to send one of them to college. Those kids and that place taught me so much more about life than I thought I could ever know. It is a weird feeling, to know your heart is outside of your body, thousands of miles away, so I make sure to go back and check on it every now and then. No matter how I am feeling here, there it is always whole <3